Her eyes slid over me like I was a boring patch of wallpaper

Standing where I’d been instructed, I scanned the room. There was too much room at my back for my liking, but no one was expecting me, personally, just someone standing right there. Other than to tell me to look where all the other red-blooded men were looking, Rose had been silent on anything more about Heather. Apparently it was important for me not to show any sign of recognition. I’d be contacted, Rose had said.

boring-patch-of-wallpaperIt all felt rather foolishly like a cheap spy novel, except for the part where Rosie made it clear lives (ours included) hung in the balance if I messed up.

Since it was the only job I had, I tried not to mess up standing in that spot.

Yeah, there wouldn’t be much story here if I’d been able to conquer that monumental task.

When she came around the far corner of the bar I almost shouted. Her eyes slid over me like I was a boring patch of wallpaper. Over twenty years, I’d know her anywhere, even in a dimly lit club.

So, of course, I blew everything, and shouted her name.


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Three Days’ Invisibility Shot to Pieces

swordJust because she didn’t want protection didn’t mean her husband didn’t want her protected.

Made my job harder, because I couldn’t let her see me, but in some ways I’m happier I didn’t have to stand around pretending not to notice her when I was supposed to be watching for the bad guys.

Staying close when she went into those stores specifically for the ladies was a challenge, but there’s always a men’s store or other testosterone-aware place nearby. Reflections are your friend in these situations.

I’d wager my whole take on this gig she never knew I was there, watching her those first three days.

After that, of course, she knew all right. Difficult to remain oblivious to a couple well-dressed gentleman wrestling with a ceremonial sword one of them was trying to stick into you.