Shipwreck and Salvation

Consider this scenario:

Barton and 51 acquaintances share ownership and use of a gorgeous sailboat. One week a year, they each get to take this beautiful home with sails wherever they want to go. Sometimes a few of them join together and spend two weeks, three weeks, even a month out at sea.

One dark night when Barton is sailing, the boat starts to sink. He doesn’t know why. He does everything in his power to prevent it, but it’s beyond what he can do to keep it afloat. Reluctantly, he abandons ship and watches it go down. He survives unscathed, other than the deep-seated emotional trauma of his loss.

But that’s not the end of it.

shipwreck and salvation
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Primed for Icebergs

Some months ago the Megan Elizabeth Morris of Upmarket approached me about writing an article about gratitude — always a worthy subject, and certainly connected to finding why. It was the November issue of another Squidoo magazine, connected inextricably to Thanksgiving.

Why I didn’t write that article is the point of this one.

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A series of new blog posts

This spring I wrote a series of articles for an online magazine called Upmarket. After 13 articles, a full season, I decided to call it quits and come back here.

During the next couple weeks I’ll be posting those articles here. Some are expanded versions of shorter posts you may have already read. Others are brand new stuff, fresh and toasty from the oven.

We’ll start Friday, and I’ll post one every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday ’til they’re used up.