Forcing a Poem

I’m going to paste a list of words that rhyme with “tired”, then fill in words ahead of each to make the worst poem you’ve read today. It probably helps to read it aloud, getting faster and louder with each line.

attitude hardwired
bedraggled and perspired
bit of peace acquired
can anguish be retired
can brains be rewired
each tower neatly spired
efforts all backfired
how my brain is wired
I am so very tired
little thought required
much to be desired
my synapses misfired
my two minds conspired
no success admired
pretend to be inspired
quietly inquired
whatever transpired
unwilling uninspired

Making You Do All the Work

Long hard week so I’m putting it all on you: first person to leave a comment with the color of the cat in my children’s book gets a free digital copy of it.

I think a week is long enough to wait. No one? Okay. Maybe next time. To put it officially: this offer has expired, eh?