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If I Ever Plan to Motor West

[l1]W[/l1]e got off the freeway for gas at Seligman, which calls itself the birthplace of Route 66. This bears investigation. Some day. We left town on 66 instead of the interstate, and 17 miles later found a modern sign marking Route 66; I was hoping for one of the older signs, but I’ll bet they’ve all been nicked long ago.

There was a wide flat spot across the road, so we parked, grabbed my guitar and the video camera, and I stood under the sign to sing the first verse of a familiar song while Sue filmed. If I hadn’t lost the feeling in my fingers I might have played the whole song.


[az]B000BTJC22[/az][l1]E[/l1]very day, I try to practice my piano chords, a few bass lines, and some guitar chords. I decided that tiny little incremental steps would be better than a) pretending I would someday take lessons or otherwise invest a lot of time to get up to speed quickly and b) never doing it.

The odd thing is that I’ve reached a tipping point. My guitar playing improved exponentially over a few days. When I added diminished and suspended chords to my piano practice, it took two days to get comfortable, instead of the weeks it took for both majors and minors. (Check out Duane’s free online/email piano lessons. Excellent resource.)

It’s had a direct affect on my songwriting, being able to play chords on the guitar. Two completely new songs in a week, and completed music for some lyrics I wrote 18 months ago. The first new song is the first time I’ve totally given in to my country roots. It came out sounding a lot like Alan Jackson, which makes pretty much no sense at all. Maybe I’ll even post demos here.

Practice may or may not make perfect, but it sure makes better.

The Commonsense Entrepreneur

The Commonsense Entrepreneur[l1]I[/l1]’m writing a book, ‘The Commonsense Entrepreneur.’ My goal is to help small businesses succeed, while succeeding myself. As one step on that road, I would like to offer entrepreneurs a free half-hour consultation. Let’s discuss the biggest challenge you’re facing in business, your most recent ‘learning experience’ (some call them mistakes), or your dreams for your career and yourself. Let me convince you of my ability to understand your issues quickly, and offer practical guidance to help you succeed.

All I ask in return for this free consultation is your honest feedback, and the right, if I choose, to include it on the Commonsense Entrepreneur website (credited to you, or anonymous; your choice.)

Please call toll free (877) 771-7746 or email (or use the Commonsense Entrepreneur contact form) to arrange a free half hour-hour consultation by phone, email, or letter, or if you’re in the Roseville/Sacramento area, in person at our office or preferably your place of business.

Link Death

[l1]L[/l1]ink rot is a web phenomenon whereby links from one site to others begin to fail over time due to changes in the target sites.

I’m about to introduce link assassination. Since I have to remove all my CDNow links, but haven’t had time to get all the links, I’m going to just kill them until I have the time.

So, if you read back through older articles (anything prior to the first of December) the links are about to unceremoniously cease to function. I’ll do what I can to get them replaced quickly. In the meantime, you can find everything you need at, which is where we’ll be buying our music from now on, right?