Is This About Me?

Jonathan Fields writes today about a spiritual conversation around the comment “It is said that if our intention is to help others…we will never have any regret. Regret is a result of trying to make ‘me’ happy.”

my friend Dan O'Keefe: a man who knows the power of generosity
my friend Dan O’Keefe: a man who knows the power of generosity
Another great spiritual leader said there was more happiness in giving than in receiving; that a life of service was the path to contentment.

Years ago, I started using this as a touchstone for my online comments. “Is this about me, or is this about the conversation and the other readers?” Helped me decide between worthwhile comments and just adding to the noise.

It works in life as well. I’ve lived part of my life in unhealthy giving to meet others’ demands (which is really about me, not them) and a bit of it in selfishness, but for over a decade my life has been about the question “How can I serve?”

And, as every great spiritual mind ever has told us will happen, I’ve been more content and had more peace.

Advertising Only Amplifies Visibility

When Walter Danley signed up for my newsletter, as is my custom I sent him a personal welcome. I asked Walter if he had any specific questions he’d like to see answered.

Hey Joel;

In response to your query, I have two issues I’d like answers to.

  1. If I found a short cut to the promotion of the book, I could finish one of the two WIP that need me.
  2. Does paid advertising work, and if so, how would you measure the ROI?

Now, Joel, I read your comments about advice being free if it’s in your head. Please don’t do a ton of research on these questions!


I’ll answer #2 right now: advertising amplifies visibility.

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