The End

theaterHe sat, pretending to watch the garish musical on the big screen. Why anyone would present a so-called gala night featuring some forgotten and forgettable musical was a mystery to him.

Since he was here to catch a blackmailer, ignoring the noise and commotion onscreen was part of the task, and he was glad of it.

Also glad that he knew exactly who he was looking for. Easy to catch a criminal in the act when you know who they are. Follow them around a bit, do some discreet digging, and hey presto! Usable information leading to eyewitnessing their perfidy.

The light from the preposterous dance number bounced off a shiny silk suit. No, it wasn’t the suit.

It was a knife blade. And that was flashing toward the suit.

The suit worn by the blackmailer he was going to catch in the act.

Instead, he’d caught his murder, live and in person.

Three Days’ Invisibility Shot to Pieces

swordJust because she didn’t want protection didn’t mean her husband didn’t want her protected.

Made my job harder, because I couldn’t let her see me, but in some ways I’m happier I didn’t have to stand around pretending not to notice her when I was supposed to be watching for the bad guys.

Staying close when she went into those stores specifically for the ladies was a challenge, but there’s always a men’s store or other testosterone-aware place nearby. Reflections are your friend in these situations.

I’d wager my whole take on this gig she never knew I was there, watching her those first three days.

After that, of course, she knew all right. Difficult to remain oblivious to a couple well-dressed gentleman wrestling with a ceremonial sword one of them was trying to stick into you.