And Still, the Delays . . .

Waited an extra few days for a cover blurb well worth waiting for.

Then, and only then, discovered (via Smashwords’ Premium catalog feedback) that there were some formatting issues no one caught.

Formatter was on vacation.

All fixed now. Cover updated. Proof ordered.

It was supposed to arrive tomorrow.

UPS just updated the delivery date to Friday.

When I’ll have left for a long weekend.

And when it’s supposed to be a rainy, blustery day, a bit like last night when the top 20′ feet of the pine tree near the house dropped into the field.

So, I’ll come home late Monday and hopefully find an undamaged proof of A Long, Hard Look which I’ll inspect and approve.

And then, finally, we’ll ship those preorders.

Which means you can still preorder an autographed copy, if you like.

3 thoughts on “And Still, the Delays . . .

  1. Hurray!
    …and… “Plans rarely survive contact with reality” (or something like that). Sigh.

    OTOH, 5 months from idea to shipping ain’t nuthin’ to sneeze at, either! ;)

    1. That’s what I’m focusing on.

      And since I was writing the sequel to Through the Fog at the same time, and it went to the editor last week, I’m pleased, really.

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