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The Process

No long questionnaires. No boring presentations.

I'll do the heavy lifting and make this process fun.

Total Cost: $400

The assessment, no matter how much time I spend, is $400 paid in advance. No surprises.

Now that you've found me, I'll start with my own assessment of your current online personality. I don't need you to fill out long questionnaires or even provide any information beyond your name, business name, and industry. I'll find it.

be you, only more majestic

Here's an overview of the process:

In More Detail

Once I've made my assessment, I'll interview you for more information. It'll be painless, I promise. It'll probably be fun.

Then, once again, I'll go away and do some creative thinking. This time I'll come back with a description of your company's personality is it is now, and as you want it to be, and how to close the gap. I'm a writer, so this won't be a dry business proposal. It's more likely to read like a good TV pilot, starring you and your business.

At this point, anyone with graphic design, copywriting, and business skills can do the work. If you want me to manage it, let's talk. If you want me to look over your shoulder while you do it, that works too. If you want to do it or manage it yourself, that's my favorite option because it gives you absolute control and a good education for maintaining it in the future.

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Know who you are and who you want to be, as a business and a person.

Show that clearly in every interaction.

Grow your business. Grow your joy.