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Next Experiment: Goodreads Giveaway

GoodreadsStill learning little bits from the Story Cartel experiment: two new 5-star reviews — both from people in my own network, not Story Cartel. And their explanation of the “every download is an entry” is that making folks write a review is the legal equivalent of making them buy something to enter a sweepstakes, which isn’t legal in the US. I make no comment. Yet.

You deserve more of this wild entertainment, watching me flail my way through some forms of marketing I’ve never done. After reading a great article by Catherine Ryan Howard, who does not post nearly often enough Cath are you listening? I’ve chose Goodreads as my next skydive.

Best Beloved and I will research what’s involved in doing a Goodreads giveaway (hopefully in more detail than I “researched” Story Cartel’s process) and report what we do and how it works.

What do you know about Goodreads or giveaways? What would you like to know?

5 thoughts on “Next Experiment: Goodreads Giveaway

  1. Joel, I read the Howard piece right when it was published, and immediately wished I’d read it before my Goodreads giveaways. I’d definitely have taken her advice on using short giveaway periods rather than long—I’m convinced that would be more effective. I’d done three giveaways of 5 books each in 2012, for two weeks, three weeks and a month.

    Requests averaged between 375 and 425. I did see a fair amount of people put it on their “to read” lists after the giveaway, and did see a couple of reviews posted long after the giveaways from those readers. I did get direct reviews from the giveaways (took up to a couple of months), maybe from 40% of the readers (and between 3&5 stars), which isn’t bad.

    I didn’t want to deal with the international postage issues, so I restricted it to the US, but I’d probably try an international one next, though probably restrict it again to 5 books at a time.

    1. I don’t think I’ll restrict it to US only, but I’m going to sort out how NOT to spend $100 on shipping free books to Uzbekistan, too. Or Canuckistan. Them Canuckistanians seem to be big fans of my work, yet they insist on living somewhere the US charges extra for shipping to. Maybe because it’s so far away and hard to find.

  2. I know, it’s terrible! :-D

    In my defense though: I’ve just updated 130,000 words of Self-Printed, Ed. 3 AND I started an English degree this week… So I’ve plenty of excuses!

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