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Lemon Juice: Not the Solution to Resistance

The Dunning-Kruger effect, in brief: those who know least about something have the most confidence, while those who are advanced in the same field feel the greatest doubt and indecision.

After decades of fighting Resistance, tricking myself (and, when I do it right, Resistance), finding tools, processes, and methods to make it irrelevant, I still face it. The past two years have been the single greatest bout of Resistance I’ve faced since I started writing.

The more aware I am of Resistance, the more doubt and indecision I feel about success.

Yet here I am, finding new ways to get the job done.

Are creatives who claim they face no Resistance the ones experiencing it most?

(I leave it to you to read the source of the lemon juice reference.)

One thought on “Lemon Juice: Not the Solution to Resistance

  1. I was having this talk just the other day. I’m lucky in this regard. I like to have my facts straight. On the other hand if it is an opinion that’s different. It’s how I see the world.

    For those who claim to be experts in many ways they mix the two together and that’s where you have problems.

    I’m reminded of the 80’s sitcom Cheers. Cliff, the mailman, was type of guy. A simple know it all who was average at best on most subjects. They make great characters in books.

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