Left Coast Crime 2016: It’s Done, I’m Done

Four days, driving 30 miles through city freeways each morning and evening, sitting all day listening for nuggets.

I am wiped. I am sick.

Short version: glad I did it, but because it is wholly trad-pub centric, will look for an indie-friendly event next time.

More later, including how it might affect my writing.

3 thoughts on “Left Coast Crime 2016: It’s Done, I’m Done

  1. I definitely hear you about focusing on indie friendly events. I too have attended extravaganza conferences – extravagant in expenditure of time and money and stamina – and found them disappointing in their marginalization of what I do and how I choose to publish my work. I’ve made a similar decision to what yours seems to be re: where I will spend my resources. I write romantic suspense and thus usually focus on romance genre events but I’m interested in mystery-suspense writer events as well. If and when you find those indie friendly events you mention – in any popular fiction genre – it would be great if you could let us know about them. In the meantime rest and regroup and come back stronger than ever as I have no doubt you will.

    1. Question for you, Alice, or anyone who happens along: if there was such an event next spring in the Phoenix area and you could tell it would be monumentally amazing, would you go? Not does that sound fun? or would you wish you could make it? but would you start saving for the trip today?

  2. Romantic mysteries (and mysterious romances) are a hot item. I love mysteries, but I can’t write one without people sparking a wee bit.

    The industry will grow and ere long we’ll have our event, if it’s not already out there. I understand that working within the old framework of trad-pub connections is easier for event organizers, even those who don’t think ill of indies. But as indie authors become popular, that is, indie authors who say ‘no thank you’ to trad-pub deals, someone will figure out that it’s worth the work.

    In a skosh more detail, I was looking for more actionable information for my own writing. Many go to these events to make connections, but that’s a nonstarter for me. I’m mulling over what was missing from the panels that didn’t work for me, and what made the few sparklers shine.

    And if I find an event that suits, you can bet I’ll share it here and at SomedayBox.com

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