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Recommended Reading


  • The World’s Greatest Book — Dave Bricker is an author, book designer, and creator of the self-publishing platform PubML®.
  • Story Grid — acquisitions editor and author Shawn Coyne shares all he knows about story structure
  • Storyfix — author and writing coach Larry Brooks teaches story structure
  • Steven Pressfield — successful author Steven Pressfield writes about overcoming resistance and doing the work
  • Elizabeth Spann Craig — hybrid author of 3 cozy mystery series shares how she does it
  • Joanna Penn — Joanna Penn offers consistently commonsense advice about writing, publishing, and marketing
  • Writer Unboxed — the craft and business of fiction
  • Tom Bentley — my excellent editor writes about writing and life with wit and wordsmithery
  • Rosanne Bane — brain science conquers writing resistance

Books on Writing

Books on Marketing for Authors

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