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Overcome Resistance. Create Great Art.

How Many of These Have You Experienced in Your Writing Life During the Past 2 Years?

Never finding the time to write • Making the time but not writing • Dreaming of writing but never getting started • Starting but never finishing • Starting but never finishing that one particular piece • Thinking you can do it without help • Thinking you’re beyond help • A love/hate relationship with your writing • Focusing on unhelpful negative feedback and ignoring positive feedback • Focusing on positive feedback and ignoring helpful negative feedback • Wanting to write deep but writing shallow • Writing for others instead of yourself • Writing for money but not treating it like a business • Reading about writing instead of writing • Seeking out feedback before you’re ready • Seeking out the wrong level of feedback • Ongoing health challenges like unexplained fatigue (physical or mental), mysterious illness (a neverending or recurring cold or flu), injuries (constant little accidents), addiction of any kind (substance, activities, self-destructive habits)

Is it more than zero? I’ll bet it is.

If so, you’re facing Resistance.

Writing a book is hard.

Resistance wants you to fail.

I will make it easier by giving you tools to make that bully Resistance irrelevant.

Resistance is a bully. It will stand in your way and stop your writing. It will knock you down and hurt you, emotionally, even physically.

Resistance strikes nonfiction and fiction authors alike. (Memoirists, are you listening?) Writing a nonfiction book is still a creative endeavor and will expose you to the same fears.

It will stop you from writing using the tools you checked off in that list above.

What’s a Writer to Do?

You cannot defeat Resistance once and be done with it. It’s part of our mental and emotional makeup. What you can do is make it irrelevant. Note that I don’t say “ignore it” because you can’t ignore a bully. But if you defuse them, do things to take away their power, they are no longer a threat. Like the bully at school (or, frankly, in the office) they still show up every day. But we don’t have to keep giving them our lunch money.

Being a writer is hard. You don’t have to do this alone.

Too many writers face the emotional struggle to write without proper support. After years of writing about it, I’ve created a guided learning environment to help writers and artists deal with writer’s Resistance. Sign up now, or read on for more information.

Writing a book is hard. Resistance wants you to fail. You don’t have to do this alone.