Chapter 1 went live on January 31st (because that’s when I wrote it.)

I’d had the first sentence rattling around in my head for decades. I typed it, for something to do, and the rest of the first chapter came out as if I’d already written it.

The way it ended, I knew I had to keep going.

“Going” is right. In 58 days I wrote 56 chapters. During that time we also moved everything we owned into storage in order to move out of the house we rented before we left for a month-long business trip, which we also had to pack and prepare for, while maintaining some semblance of our normal life.

When people tell me they don’t have time to write, I marvel. I try to be helpful. I offer suggestions and encouragement.

What I don’t offer as much as I should is empathy, because I just don’t get it.

If you want to write, make time for it. Stop doing something less important, and start writing.

No, it’s not easy. But it’s not impossible.

When someone tells me “I don’t have time to write” what I hear is “Writing isn’t important enough to make time for it . . . yet.”

If you want to write, write. Make time for it.

If you don’t make time for it, recognize that you have the same number of hours in your week as I do. I am not some master of time management. Ask anyone who knows me. That sentence will make them laugh out loud.

If you don’t make time to write, recognize that perhaps writing isn’t as important to you as you think. It’s not as important as the other things you’re spending your time with.

In some cases, that’s true. I get that. There was a time in my life where raising 4 kids, working long hours, maintaining a house in San Diego, all that stuff kept me from writing.

Or did it?

2 thoughts on “Finishing

    1. For the first half of the book, the posts went live as soon as I finished typing. Then I got the mad idea to start preselling at the “all is lost” moment in Chapter 42 and ramped up my writing to have the book done by that date. 4,000 words a day for a while.

      Alas, it was not. The whole house-being-sold thing threw a curve I didn’t hit. But I’m doing the last of the editing today, and should be shipping autographed copies before the end of the month, which is still a pretty good schedule, 4 months from idea to shipping.

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