Finding Why is a Procrastination-Killer

There’s a task I’ve been putting off. Nobody involved is complaining, but no one is served by my delays.

I finally started it a few minutes ago and realized that my reticence has not been because the task is hard, it’s because it bears a big responsibility. This work has to be right for the book to look its best.

But I can do that. I do good work. I’ve been putting this off because of a vague sense of challenge. It wasn’t until I recognized precisely what the challenge was that I realized hey, I can do this.

Identifying why you’re delaying is sometimes all it takes to get on the ball.

4 thoughts on “Finding Why is a Procrastination-Killer

  1. Hey Joel, I never have been able to take that advice of “eat the frog first” when I face my tasks—I always dawdle on the bigger ones. But it’s usually more a matter of just getting started—then the doability of it becomes much more clear.

    Hey, I thought I signed up to get email notices when you do a post, but I only saw this one on LinkedIn — ?

    1. Consider some time tracking. For 2 weeks, write down what you ACTUALLY do, and how productive it felt.

      Then, experiment. Hard to argue with your own facts.

      You probably signed up for one of my eleventyleven other blogs. I keep moving so I’m harder to hit.

    2. Hmmmm ~
      Comments are a little less broken today, but not “right” yet… What’s with the back-slashes?

  2. Joel (and Tom) ~
    I’m learning that it’s not always a good idea to force yourself to “eat the frog first”! If your Inner Self needs to dance around the big project (or any project, for that matter) and especially if delay isn’t doing any particular harm, let it marinate! Like you found, Joel, when you’re “ready”, it will happen.
    OR, you’ll discover a very good reason why you weren’t “quite ready”, and it doesn’t need to be done *by you* in the first place! Often, somebody else can do “it” better, easier and more happily. :)
    Another OR: It really doesn’t need to be done at all. That may be the happiest outcome of all – saves untold time and energy to just “Skip it”!
    I’m putting “procrastinate” in the same box as “should” ~ as one of those “You’re bad!” “You’re wrong!” “Here, beat yourself up, NOW – because you’re different, yaknow!” words that are best used only with great care and consideration. Behavior that is usually labelled with the p-word I now re-consider as “mental clutter-clearing” – and I do my best to make room for it in my schedule to begin with.

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