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Destination Irrelevant

We’ve traveled a lot, and Fiona loves waking up before it’s light, piling in the back seat, and watching the stars as she falls back to sleep. These are her memories of all the trips we’ve taken, all the places we’ve been, and the things she loves about traveling.

She is still very shy about singing so she recorded this sometime in the wee hours of the morning. I played with some reverb, ducked my vocal behind hers, and love love love the staggered fade ending with just her dreamy little voice echoing at the end.

I love that I have two daughters with amazing voices. (Now if I can only get their mother to sing more, since she’s where they got their voices.)


a million stars are shining
imaginary dawn
dark and light together
before the stars move on
head against the pillow
pillow on the door
snuggle in the back seat
fall asleep once more

we love to go, away we went
on a drive to the next surprise
destination irrelevant
follow stars to a grey sunrise

gas station’s quiet
fill up the car
get juice and sandwiches
before we get too far
but still we’re on the way
before the sky is light
imaginary dawn
spilling from the night


who are all these people
up before it’s day?
where are they all going
slipping through the grey?
do they love to travel
always moving on?
we won’t ever tire of it
imaginary dawn


welcome rest stop barn
exhibits and a snack
always something new to see
whenever we come back
birds and bugs and meadows
historic marker plaques
run across the grass
read the nature facts


Tea HQ and Tucson
Best waffle you ever ate
Yellowstone and forests
nearly every state
will you travel all your life
alone or with a friend?
the imaginary dawn
is a journey with no end

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