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Book Formatting Specifications

Page Size: 6″ x 9″


  • Top: 1″
  • Bottom: 1.75″
  • Inside: 1″
  • Outside: 1.25″


  • Vertical position: 0.5″ from page top
  • Alignment: outside edge of text
  • Font: same as body font, 2pt smaller
  • Left page: book title
  • Right page: Joel D Canfield


  • Vertical position: 1.2″ from page bottom
  • Alignment: outer edge of text
  • Font: same as body font, 2pt smaller
  • Left and right pages: page number


  • begin wherever they fall on the page
  • Match the chapter number/title font before and half that after except when they fall at the top of a page where they have no space before/above
  • number right-aligned

Title pages: centered horizontally on the page, no margins, second title page centered vertically and first title page adjusted so the titles are in the same spot on the page (1st title page will be slight above center as a result)
Publisher’s page: font same as body font, 2pt smaller
Widows and orphans off

Title and body font faces and sizes by series
Irish Adventure featuring Web Martin
Title: Bookman Old Style 32pt
Author: Bookman Old Style 32pt
Chapters: Carolingia 48pt with 48pt before and 24pt after
Body: Palatino Linotype 11pt

Phil Brennan
Title: Special Elite 24pt
Author: Special Elite 24pt
Chapters: Special Elite 24pt with 24pt before and 12pt after
Body: Palatino Linotype 11pt

Jesse Donovan
Title: Permanent Marker 36pt
Author: Baskerville Old Face 18pt
Chapters: Permanent Marker 36pt with 36pt before and 18pt after
Body: Baskerville Old Face 12pt