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What is Positioning?

And why does it matter to your family owned business?

Positioning is staking your claim in your prospect’s mind; how they think of you in relation to other services, your peers and competition.

Notice this doesn’t happen in your thinking, nor in your advertising or marketing. It’s a space in their mind.

You can’t tell them to think of you as “the quality provider.“ They have to decide that for themselves.

You can’t tell him to think of you as “the friendly service.“ They have to decide that for themselves.

The shortest path to your prospects and suspects thinking of you the way you want is to be that in every interaction, direct or indirect, in every venue: in person, in print, on the phone, and online.

Of course, being known as “the quality service“ or “the friendly service“ is vague to the point that it’s meaningless.

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Know who you are and who you want to be, as a business and a person.

Show that clearly in every interaction.

Grow your business. Grow your joy.