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Are You Choosing the Right Clients?

Your clients are:

No, you can't choose both b AND c.

If you didn't choose
c) like family
why is that?

Are you choosing the right clients? Are you even the one who's choosing?

You should be. To a family business, clients are like family. Adopt wisely.

Your business personality will eventually reflect the personality of your worst client.

Can't show up on time? Guess how that affects your schedule—and all the rest of your clients. Inconsiderate? Infectious. Don't be surprised if you find yourself less polite than you prefer.

If your criteria for clients is "They can pay", it's time to raise the bar.

A good client is worth more than what they pay you.

Even if they pay you less.

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Know who you are and who you want to be, as a business and a person.

Show that clearly in every interaction.

Grow your business. Grow your joy.