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Branding is Not Marketing

Branding is strategy. Marketing is tactics.
Branding is the plan. Marketing is execution.
Branding is how you think.
Marketing is what you do.

Branding is how you want your customers to feel about you.
Marketing is how you nudge them to feel it.

Branding is not marketing. In fact branding is not a lot of things.

Branding is not your logo. Branding is not your website. Branding is not your website colors or your logo colors. Branding is not your business name. Branding is what people feel about you

Have you ever changed someone’s mind by sharing facts? Doesn’t it just get emotional?

So why is your marketing all about facts? Isn’t it time to get emotional?

Again: Branding is not what people think about you. Branding is what people feel about you.

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Know who you are and who you want to be, as a business and a person.

Show that clearly in every interaction.

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