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And the Winner Is . . . (What I’m Writing Next)

ocean-fenceIn my latest newsletter I asked for input about which of these works in progress should get my attention after I finish A Still, Small Voice and Jake Calcutta and the Temporal Lisle. (If you want in on stuff like this, sign up for my newsletter.)

  1. The 3rd Irish adventure — From the Fog (follows Through the Fog and Into the Fog)
  2. A 3rd Phil Brennan mystery — A Short, Sharp Shock (follows A Long, Hard Look and A Still, Small Voice [not yet published])
  3. More scifi/adventure — another Jake Calcutta (follows Jake Calcutta and the Temporal Lisle [not yet published])
  4. More Jesse Donovan (follows That She Is Made of Truth)
  5. The Village Id — a witty cozy mystery set in a small English village filled with quirky characters; very P. G. Wodehouse. Check out the 1st chapter.
  6. Coming of age story — a young teen’s life is disrupted when his family has to move in with relatives; he turns to music for comfort
  7. Anacrusis (a mystery with a female lead) — A woman dumps her unfaithful fiancee and moves to a small town where two men amorously pursue her, while one of them awaits the life insurance payoff from the first wife he murdered.

The votes trickled in, and while I was surprised and delighted to find some love for a second Jake Calcutta scifi adventure even before book 1 is published, the real race was neck and neck between From the Fog, a 3rd Irish Adventure featuring Web Martin, and Anacrusis, my first mystery featuring a female protagonist.

And the Winner Is . . .

The Irish got 1 more vote than Anacrusis.

Don’t celebrate yet, folks.

One of the votes for Anacrusis came from my Best Beloved.

That’s right, nepotism, favoritism, however you slice it, her vote wins.

I hope to release Anacrusis before the end of the year. I’ve already written 20% of it with much of the story already outlined so I’m hoping it’s easy going. Yes, I hear you laughing.

What About All That Irish Love?

I was also pleasantly surprised to see the passion for this series. Dark secrets time: I was intending From the Fog to be the last Web Martin book.

I’m reconsidering that. A lot.

How about a consolation prize for all of you who voted most enthusiastically for more Irish Adventures?

Would you agree to be a beta reader for book 3 of the series? And then, would you accept a free digital copy of the finished version, plus a signed copy of the print version when it’s ready?

You know who you are. So do I. Thank you for giving my first book, the first real work of art I ever created, some love.

It will not be forgotten.

5 thoughts on “And the Winner Is . . . (What I’m Writing Next)

  1. More Web Martin books! That would be great!
    Oh, and I would totally agree to being a beta reader if given the chance.

    1. I’d love to send you the Jake Calcutta book when the first draft is done, get your take on it as a scifi adventure.

  2. You know that your Music is all ‘works of art’ too, don’t you?

    Anyway – If “Q’noge Woman Escapes From Her Captor” is part (or parcel) of ‘Anacrusis’, I’d like to put in a (very late) vote for that.
    Also, I love love love reading your ‘bits and pieces’ here, whether they grow into something bigger or not.
    Bright Blessings ~ K

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