Joel D Canfield

Brand strategy for
family-owned businesses

Who Do They Think You Are?

"It's not what you say it is, it's what they say it is."
—Marty Neumeier

About Joel D Canfield

One cold night I was piling wet rocks into a wheelbarrow with numb hands and decided I'd had enough dollar-chasing so I went off to find something I could love doing.

I'd spent years doing anything for a buck, usually manually labor (for which I am not well suited) for very little money. When I hit bottom in the working world, I opted out and started working with technology, long before tech was hip or cool or gnarly or wicked.

I've worked on help desks, in computer networking, and website design. I've coached writers and entrepreneurs. I've written 20 books and nearly 200 pieces of music. All the technology, business, and art has been preparing me for what I'm doing now.

There will always be challenges, but they're easier to endure and overcome when, every day, I get to do work I love with people I like for decent money.