Joel D Canfield: Mysteries & More

with my Best Beloved on the Sacramento RiverI started reading the year the Beatles’ first album came out. I was 4.

I started writing not long after that.

My latest work is a time travel fantasy, Rafe Keyn and the Temporal Lisle, my first in the genre.

Over the past decade I’ve written over 150 songs, 9 business books, 5 mysteries, 1 children’s book, and about a million words on various blogs.

I revere Raymond Chandler. Love Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe mysteries (oh, to be Archie Goodwin.) Dick Francis. Isaac Asimov and Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Best Beloved and our Little One and I recently moved from a beautiful house on a lake in the frozen north (Wisconsin, 2 hours due south of the western tip of Lake Superior) to Queen Creek, Arizona, almost as far south as you can get.