A Win and a Place: #1 AND #2 on This List

Through the FogAuthor Lia London writes a Top 10 list every year of her favorite indie books.

This year, I made two slots.

#1 and #2.

Do you have any idea how many indie books are out there?

Into the FogOr how many a voracious reader (an author herself) someone like Lia London is?

Or the level of access she has to indie books as the founder of Clean Indie Reads?

Stunned. Not quite speechless, but stunned.

If you don’t yet have Through the Fog, just ask me for a copy. Free. Whatever digital format works for you (and if you prefer print, we can arrange a copy at cost.)

And in December, watch for the same offer on Into the Fog. Yup, telling you in advance it’s going to be free all month.

Like any writer I worry, at times, whether the time I spend writing has value, whether my books are relevant.

For a little while, I won’t. Thank you, Lia. Thank you.

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