A Still, Small Voice Passes the Midpoint

AStillSmallVoice-cover20151020e-flat-3DIn multiple ways, the next Phil Brennan mystery A Still, Small Voice passed the midpoint this week.

I’ve written 35 of 64 scenes.

Over 42,000 of a projected 75,000 words, my longest book by far.

And sentence #6 of 12, the Midpoint, where Phil changes from Wanderer to Warrior, from flailing and failing to winning.

It will be written before we go away for our year-end sabbatical, during which my beta reader will review it for sanity (where appropriate.)

The underlying theme has made writing some scenes emotionally challenging, in ways beyond the usual Resistance.

3 thoughts on “A Still, Small Voice Passes the Midpoint

  1. Congratulations Joel on reaching the Midpoint of your new book. Thank you also for the insight. I became a Pantser about a year ago and have been blithely flying through the mist ever since. Until Book #3 in my Riverton Road Romantic Suspense Series refused to be a smooth glide path. So I walked away for a bit and wrote a Christmas novella in the same series titled A Vacancy at the Inn. Now that story is out there in the availability wind and I’m faced once again with Book #3 at the Midpoint. I don’t want to think of myself or the story as stalled. I prefer flummoxed. Either way – tomorrow I’ll be back in my writing space post Thanksgiving holiday. One thing I will be thankful for is your clarification of what the Midpoint needs to be, My plan is to take off again with the mist illuminated by your wisdom.

  2. Have we chatted about the 12 sentences? If you haven’t read those 14 posts on story structure, give ’em a quick read and see if it helps sort the remainder of your story.

    Exciting to have this moving forward. Need to get it done; I have another one already started.

  3. Hiya, Alice – How ’bout this approach? “The story is *marinating* while I work on something else.”
    {{{hugs}}} while you both ‘let it marinate’!

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