A Longer and Harder Look: Best Laid Plans

We leave on a long-planned “workation” (Sue’s word for a working vacation) next Tuesday.

We found out yesterday that the house we rent was sold, and we have to be out, surprise! 3 days before we’d get back from our trip.

In order to fulfill our obligations and keep our word to all and sundry, we’re moving everything into storage this weekend, packing for our trip, and winging this whole “finding a place to live when we get back” thing.

But my writing has taken a hit, because I’m scrambling around packing, choosing, sorting, finding, and breathing.

I’ve been posting a new chapter every weekday. For the next few weeks, I’ll only be able to post 2 or 3 times a week.

I hope you’ll stick around and check back for this erratic schedule. I can’t wait to see what happens to Phil and Darcy. And that Gertrude — what is she thinking?

2 thoughts on “A Longer and Harder Look: Best Laid Plans

  1. Wow! Sorry about the major wrench in the gears.

    And now here we must hang, waiting until we find out whether Phil lives or dies…whether Everard lives or dies…whether Gertrude lives or dies…whether you find a place to live or freeze in a snowdrift…

    1. We were doing our regular volunteer work Saturday and a good friend said “Where are you going to stay when you get back if you don’t have a house?”

      I said “We’re focusing on getting out. We’ll focus on getting in once that’s done.”

      He said “Wanna rent my house? My tenants are moving out.”

      Big house on the lake. Semi-rural instead of smack in town like the last place. $50 more a month for bigger, better location, and renting from a friend (and no, that won’t go south, he’s a good enough friend that we know how to do business together.)

      We look at it today just to confirm there are no surprises. But we’ll probably have a place to shove all our stuff when we get back.

      Or, if we sign a publishing client, I’ll use the down payment to pay movers to do it BEFORE we get back.

      And just wait until you find out what happens to Phil.

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