What I Think About the Rules of Writing

this rule, we followMost of them are nonsense. Unlike this sign we saw in Ireland —>

Big discussions recently about toward and towards; see also forward(s) and backward(s) and whatnot.

People want rules. I get that.

People love consistency.

Perhaps if more authors read Dan Ariely’s Predictably Irrational, studied psychology in any way, they’d realize that we are among the most random of creatures, firm here, yielding there, whimsical and raging and determined and vacillating as we search for Truth.

I’ve used toward and towards in the same book. If it worked for the story, for the paragraph or sentence, I’d use ’em in the same sentence.

Serve the story. Use the clearest words to say what needs saying to move the poem, song, story forward.

That’s the rule: serve the story. Not the rules.

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