Weights and Tangles: Stumbling & Dragging in a Tangle

tangled weightWe are Sisyphus.

We are Ahab.

We are Kanye. Sorry, but we are.

We don’t let go. We claim we’re cursed by the gods to keep pushing the stupid boulder up the stupid hill, but that’s not what’s really happening. We think it’s about the white whale, but it’s us. We pretend it’s about art.

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Make the Right Thing the Easy Thing

Last week we talked about why it’s so hard to save money, to lose weight, to do any of the things which require postponing present enjoyment to create benefits later. It’s easy to get lost in theory, in analysis of our biochemistry, in what is. What’s not so easy is doing something about it.

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Why Doing the Right Thing is Hard

My column on why I’m losing weight struck an unpleasant chord with some folks when I first published it. It’s common to hear stories of people trying unsuccessfully, sometimes for years, to lose weight.

Another angle on the same issue: When your income gets an unexpected and temporary boost, through a bonus at work or a project you hadn’t expected, do you bank the money, or reward yourself with a new toy or dinner out?

We experience it every single day of our lives: even though we know what’s good for us, day after day we do what’s fun, what’s easy, instead of what’s healthy and rational and good for our future self.

Do you ever stop to wonder why?

red thoughts
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Why I’m Losing Weight (and Why I Never Could Before)

I’ve been overweight for 15 years or more. I know how I got this way, but I tried and tried and tried to change it and never did.

Weight loss is fairly simple: eat fewer calories than you burn. Or, conversely, burn more calories than you eat. Say it either way, weight loss is inevitable. (Talking about weight loss, not health. Health is obviously about more than counting calories.) It’s not rocket science (which, itself, ain’t so complex.) There’s an epic chasm between simple and easy. Weight loss is not easy.

Many things aren’t easy — especially if you lie to yourself about why you’re doing them.

Why would we lie to ourselves? Health is, literally, vital. Wouldn’t I be honest, at least with myself, about my reason for losing weight?

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