Practical Advice from ‘Wait: The Art and Science of Delay’ by Professor Frank Partnoy (An Actionable Books summary)

“The essence of my case is this: given the fast pace of our modern life, most of us tend to react too quickly.”

Wait, page xi

You’ve heard the marshmallow experiment: sit a bunch of 4-year-olds down, give them a marshmallow, and tell them if they wait a few minutes before eating it, they’ll get 2 marshmallows. Those who could wait did better later in life in areas requiring self-control. (That’s a monumentally trivial summary of the monumentally important study.)

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Novices Should Delay Decisions as Much as Possible
  • Modern Culture is Making Us Impatient
  • Live and Work on Event Time, Not Clock Time

Read my summary of Wait: The Art and Science of Delay at Actionable Books.

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