Practical Advice from ‘The As If Principle’ by Dr. Richard Wiseman (An Actionable Books summary)

“Common sense suggests that the chain of causation is:
You feel happy — You smile
You feel afraid — You run away

 The As If theory suggests that the opposite is also true:
You smile — You feel happy
You run away — You feel afraid”

The As If Principle, page 11

Modern self-improvement texts universally direct us to change how we think in order to change how we behave.

Dr. Richard Wiseman, Britain’s only professor of the Public Understanding of Psychology, shows in The As If Principle that instead, we can focus on actions which will change how we think and feel. We get the same results, only faster and, according to Wiseman’s studies, more consistently and reliably.

Acting as if we already have a quality will produce it.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Acting As If You Feel (Or Don’t Feel) Something Will Make It True
  • Your Brain Can Change Your Body
  • Influencing Others: Start With Their Actions Instead of Their Thinking

Read my summary of The As If Principle at Actionable Books.

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