Practical Advice from ‘How Will You Measure Your Life?’ by Clayton M. Christensen (An Actionable Books summary)

“I know for sure that none of these people graduated with a deliberate strategy to get divorced or lose touch with their children—much less to end up in jail. Yet this is the exact strategy that too many ended up implementing.”

How Will You Measure Your Life?, page 4

How Will You Measure Your Life extrapolates business and life lessons by combining these principles:

  • what gets measured improves
  • hindsight is easier but foresight is better
  • business and life often run parallel

The advice throughout the book focuses not on the minutiae but the big picture, teaching business lessons and applying them to life choices. The result is forceful in its clarity and simplicity.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Your Strategy Is Not What You Say It Is
  • Balance Deliberate And Emergent Planning
  • Processes And Priorities Are More Valuable Than Resources

Read my summary of How Will You Measure Your Life? at Actionable Books.

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