Rafe Keyn and the Temporal Lisle: A Time-Travel Fantasy

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I’m a Fixer, a keeper of the Temporal Lisle, the thread that literally holds time together.

[dc]F[/dc]ixers, or more properly Deputies of the Agency for Prevention of Historically Anomalous Events (APHAE) were the Agency’s most guarded secret.

The one secret guarded more closely was the Temporal Lisle itself, but that couldn’t rightly be said to be their secret. It was simply the way the universe worked. Time was not the abstract concept outsiders thought. It was a physical construct, a real and literal thing which could be seen, observed, touched.

Like anything else in the physical universe, it needed maintenance. APHAE provided it. The Agency planned to ramp up from 309 Fixers to as many as 350.

It was a disastrous plan. Rafe Keyn wasn’t supposed to think it, wasn’t supposed to pass judgment on those high-and-mighty Deputies responsible, ultimately, for guardianship of time.

But he thought it disastrous, nonetheless, and with good reason.

Fixers would destroy the Temporal Lisle.

And all of space and time.

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