Author Spotlight at AutoCrit

I’ve been a faithful user of AutoCrit ever since I first heard of it. In my opinion, the best automated editing and feedback tool an author can have.

Jocelyn from AutoCrit interviewed me about my long relationship with them and my writing process. Even if you’re not an author, there’s plenty there about Phil Brennan’s latest shenanigans.

Font Wars

It has long been accepted among designers that serif fonts are for print and sans-serif for screens (and if you like, display type and headings.)

Alex Poole writes persuasively that this is balderdash; urban myth perpetuated by the ignorant.

I’m going to find a beautiful sans-serif font and use it for the print version of my next mystery.

I already use serif fonts on many of the websites I’ve designed.

So far, nobody’s died from it.

Geeking Out with UNIX

As I tweak the Little Purple Books theme I’m using here, at Someday Box, and at Permission Granted, they don’t stay in sync. I need to address that before I roll it out to half a dozen more sites, but for now, I’m copying the changes from here to there to there.

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