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A Long Hard Look

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"The dialog crackles, the story moves, and the characters are fresh. This is a good one."
James R. Preston, author of the Surf City Mysteries

"A fun, fast-paced mystery in the classic style with a modern twist. Fans of Raymond Chandler will find much to love in A Long, Hard Look."
Elizabeth Craig/Riley Adams, author of the Memphis Barbecue Mysteries

"There is a new Raymond Chandler in town! Joel D Canfield’s new novel, A Long, Hard Look had me believing Philip Marlowe was lurking somewhere in the shadows!"
Alex Zabala, author of Treasure of the Mayan King

I am a Renaissance man, fascinated by everything. The common theme to my work is my desire to help others avoid pitfalls by simplifying what appears complex. The common theme to my non-work writing and music is my philosophy that every one of us deserves to live life in a constant state of awe and joy.

My Philosophy: Finding Why

Every person alive deserves to live each day in a state of awe, filled with joy. While some folks try to achieve that with money and things, I know that the only way to experience real joy, to live a life worth living, to be in your element, is to have a purpose, a direction and reason in life; in short, to know why.

Web Design: Spinhead

Knowing how to build your website is easy but knowing what to build takes knowing why you’re building it. You can find someone with the technical skills to build your website anywhere these days. The tools are endless, the skillset easy to acquire, and the personality type common. They can’t start work, though, without knowing what to build for you. And that, dear reader, depends entirely on why you need a website.


I’ve just finished my 10th book, You Don’t Want a Job. You can read about the first nine right here on my website.

Author Coaching and Publishing: Someday Box

You know you want to write a book, but do you know why? Success depends on it. The right book, for the right audience—for the right reason. Together, we’ll seek out the real reason you feel compelled to write a book. We’ll identify who you’re choosing to help, and ensure that the book you create is exactly what they’re waiting for.

Business and Marketing Coaching: Chief Virtual Officer

My wife and I help virtual assistants and entrepreneurs of all kinds take the struggle out of learning to do business the right way—the human way. Everyone should make a great living doing something they love. What if everyone was doing stuff they loved and were great at, every single day? What would that do for the quality of the services and products you pay money for? How would that affect customer service and prices? The key is changing how we think about business.

Other Writing

I’ve written a music blog called Know Your Music for over 10 years.

There’s a regular Finding Why column at Seth Godin’s Upmarket Magazine.

And frequent business book summaries at Actionable Books.