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Joel D CanfieldHulloo! I'm Joel D Canfield.

I'm a writer. I used to write about my business philosophy. These days I'm focused on light mysteries which I call Chandleresque cozies. There have also been over 100 songs in the past decade.

Independent publishing has changed how artists connect with fans. We no longer need gatekeepers to decide what can or should be published. Every singer, songwriter, artist, and author should have the ability to share their work, even sell their work, if they choose to.

A Long Hard Look at My Next Mystery

My second mystery, A Long Hard Look, goes on sale, erm, soon. Very soon.

In the meantime you can read it, free, online. Most of it, anyway. The rest will trickle out in due time, never fear.

Someday Box is my book shepherding company. Our authors will finally have the thrill of holding their own book in their hands and sharing it with others. Our services ensure that your book will be professional, not homemade.

My Best Beloved and I were nomads for two years before settling (for now) in northern Wisconsin (can you say 'polar vortex'?) We love it here, especially since we moved to this gorgeous sunny house on the lake.

Whether you're a close friend or a total stranger, give me a shout. I love nothing more than meeting interesting people like you.